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What Israel Means to the United States

1 Aug

After taking a long break from this blog I think it may be time to pick it back up again.  The politicians are at it hot and heavy.  It is time to throw my two cents in.

Mitt Romney has recently made news with his visit to the State of Israel and his comments about what the appropriate capitol of the state is.  Politicians often argue about Israel as well.  The argument often ends up being about who is the greatest supporter of Israel.  Why is that?

Some have argued that there is some kind of powerful Jewish lobby.  There may be some truth to that–there are some Jewish lobbying groups that have quite a bit of clout.  But I don’t really think that is the center of the argument.

The United States is largely a Christian nation–founded by Christians, still majority Christian and protestant.  The story line of Christianity is all about the difference between Jews and Gentiles (everyone who is not Jewish).  Christians of all lines of thinking (and this includes Mormons) have some kind of image Jewish people.  They are, after all, “God’s chosen people” according to Christian tradition.

So I am a long-time athiest who grew up in a family of Christians, in a small town full of Christians.  Why should how the United States deals with Israel be any different than how it deals with France or Italy?  It shouldn’t, but it does.

“Support for Israel” in some quarters is code for how much a candidate will support a certain type of knee-jerk approach to the world, based on Christian ideas without much consideration of the actual results of the policy.

Do we support Israel?  Is that the Jewish State or the democracy?  Do we support real efforts for peace in that area, or are we going to find the politician with the hardest line of rhetoric and go with that?

We need to re-examine our policies and identify our own predjudices.   Then we can evaluate our policies toward that state.

Jimmy Carter received a lot of heat for his book Peace, not Aparthied.  But I think his approach is much more reasoned than what most politicians are taking now.