Rick Perry’s T.V. Commercial

23 Nov

Rick Perry currently has a T.V. ad that is showing here in Iowa.  There are two versions of it–in one, he claims to be a common man.  In the other he shows a clip of President Obama making a statement, probably taken out of context,  about how we have been lazy for a few years, and then feigns outrage about Obama calling us lazy.

Then, in both versions of the ad Mr. Perry calls for a balanced budget amendment to the constitution.  He says that if Congress doesn’t agree “cut their pay…send them home.”

Who cuts their pay?  Who sends them home?  I assume Mr. Perry knows that the president can’t. 

I think Mr. Perry is trying to project that he is a “good old boy.”  He expresses what he thinks the voters might be thinking.  He knows that he can’t cut the pay of Congress, and the voters would be very unlikely to as well.

Sometimes smart people project themselves as kind of stupid in order to seem more likeable.  It can work for salesmen.  It may even work for low level politicians.   My view is that it does not work well for someone who is running for the highest elected office in the land.  And it really doesn’t work if people already wonder if you are smart enough to handle the presidency.

Have you really thunk that out, Rick Perry?


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